Tuition & Fees
Aidan provides a guaranteed tuition financing program that services the needs of our students. Every student who applies for tuition financing will be evaluated and approved for a tuition financing program. These programs feature: 
  • Interest-free financing 
  • Available payment plans
  • Monthly itemized statements 
  • Payments accepted via credit or debit
Late fees may be charged for delinquent accounts.
Complete Tuition & Fees Breakdown 
Application Fee: $25.00
Evaluation Fee: $50.00
Undergraduate per semester hour: $90.00
Graduate per semester hour: $120.00
Post-Graduate per semester hour: $145.00
Auditing per semester hour: $20.00
Undergraduate Level: $75.00
Graduate & Post-Graduate Level: $100.00
Refund Policies
Written cancellation or withdrawal must be submitted for a refund. 
Traditional Classroom Student: Refund of tuition in full within three (3) business days or prior to the beginning of the first day of class or after signing the financial contract and making a down payment. Refund of tuition in full for the Add/Drop period shall be no less than 10% of the duration of the course or two weeks, whichever is less. Educational materials are non-refundable beyond the Add/Drop period.
Online Students: Beginning of class is calculated as being 10 days after syllabi is emailed, determined by send date. Refund policy for traditional classroom students (see above) applies after this date.
Contact us at 904-559-1303 or  [email protected]